Biopsy Discharge Instructions

After Biopsy

  1. With laser excision, it is not uncommon for the biopsy site to change color. The site may first appear black, this is normal. The site will then slowly change color to either light pink or white.
  2. For the first week, be sure to avoid spicy, citrus and vinegar based foods, like orange and grapefruit juices, even ketchup, and some salad dressings. Your biopsy site will be sensitive and these foods can cause a burning feeling at the site.
  3. For lip biopsy sites, simple vaseline, applied with a cotton swab will help moisturize, protect, and prevent cracking.
  4. Routine 2 week follow-up appointments are generally scheduled in which your doctor will discuss the biopsy results and review healing of the operative site.

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